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Elwin Experience 2004
What an experience!
We canoed through the Amansuri Wetlands, encountering African Jacana birds, Pygmy Goose, White Purple Heron and brightly coloured butterflies. Unexpectedly our attention was drawn to another canoe. The fisherman wanted to show us his catch......A huge python! After we took that in we continued to canoe through the unspoiled greenery against the deep pure blue skies then we hit the open water and to our west we set eyes on Nzulezo, the "village on stilts" ....A singular experience! Within an hour we were transported into another world which Joe called "Heaven".
Colourful canoes at the River Benya estuary ready for the fishing trip 'oer the Atlantic Ocean A bright and colourful morning at the Benya River in Elmina as the centuries old fishing enterprise gets into gear.
The hereditary King (Omanhene) of Edina Traditional Area, Nana Condua VI in his palanquin. Nana Conduah VI, Omanhene (Hereditary King) of Elmina in his palanquin during the Bakatue Festival in Elmina- 2004.
The compass that discovered the This compass in front of Elmina Castle (built 1482)was relied on by early Portuguese explorers, including Christopher Columbus. His voyages to Elmina (Sao Jorge Da Mina)were his longest journeys before he finally set sail westwards to the Caribbean and America.
The pristine and unspoiled environment of the Lake Amansuri Conservation area. No motor boats allowed! The canoe trip through the Amansuri Wetlands is a serene experience.
Women sailing back home to Nzulezo from the market in Beyin. The canoe trip is about 45 min long if you don't meet a python on the way. Nzulezo, the unique Village on stilts, is home to about 500 people. It is accessible only by canoe.


A local sub-chief of Edina traditional area in regalia during the Bakatue Festivities in 2004 A local sub-chief riding with his "soul" in a palanquin during the Bakatue Festival in Elmina, Ghana.
Masquereders tease and expect a The Masqueraders are always part of the parade during Elmina's "Bakatue" (Ceremonial opening of the Lagoon) Festival.
The dungeons of Cape Coast Castle. The captured Africans who survived its brutal conditions were transported under equally brutal conditions across the Atlantic to the New World. These dungeons remind us daily of man's inhumanity.
This python was not on our itinerary as we canoed along to Nzulezo, the village of 500 people on the waters of Lake Tadane. A python caught in a fisherman's trap in Lake Amansuri. In the Nzema region of Western Ghana.
Lake Tadane, in Western Ghana. Just beautiful isn't it? Elwin takes you close enough to paradise each time! A taste of Paradise on earth. Lake Tadane en route to Nzulezo