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ELWIN INTERNATIONAL TOURS (est.1995) "A true knowledge of Africa"
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Inshira Handicrafts
Inshira Handicrafts offers a wide range of African artifacts for every occasion, great or small.
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Original wood carvings, organic mango soap,historic Ashanti gold weights, hand woven original kente fabrics, exquisite paintings by local african artists, colorful African shirts and much much more...email ekua09@yahoo.com to make your purchase or obtain an afrocentric decoration consultation.
Glass Coasters About
Unique African accented coasters, hand crafted and not to be found anywhere else. Inquire by email to: ekua09@yahoo.com
Handmade Adinkra Symbol Soaps
Mango soap is great for sensitive skin but they are so beautiful you may keep them forever dry! Inquire by email: ekua09@yahoo.com
Handcrafted African Jewellery - Glass Beads
These necklaces and matching bracelets are fashioned from recycled glass through an age old traditional process from Eastern Ghana. They make you an original at all times. Inquire at: ekua09@yahoo.com
Handcrafted wooden carvings from Ghana, West Africa
Carvings for every home, small or large. These hand carved pieces make your surroundings unique and tell a different kind of story everytime.
Original Beads from Ghana, West Africa
There are many many different kinds of beads. So many combinations are possible. Inshira Handicrafts will help you create your own bracelets and necklaces for any occasion. Inquire for a free consultation - ekua09@yahoo.com
African Gift Accessories
West African leather products from unique key chains to specialty hand-crafted bags and purses. We also have an inventory of Bolgatanga baskets in all sizes. if what you are looking for is not here, just drop us a line at ekua09@yahoo.com
Finely Handcrafted Paperweights
You can send your message with these hand crafted paper weights. There are symbols for every situation or belief in life.
Finely Handcrafted Paperweights
These paper wieghts have ancient Akan Adinkra symbols, all imbued with great meaning. There is an Adinkra symbol for almost every life situation or circumstance. Contact ekua09@yahoo.com
Adinkra Magnets
Customized adinkra paper weights and fridge magnets come in many different forms. They make wonderful gifts for all occasions. Contact ekua09@yahoo.com for more information or to place an order.