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The Elwin Experience
Images and Memories of Ghana
Welcome to Ghana by Elwin. A totally unforgettable experience often repeated by travellers...But its never the same...It only gets better..All your senses travel through centuries of history, emotions and that very Ghanaian spiritual awakening.AKWAABA..welcome to the centre of the world!
View of Elmina Castle from Sybil Elmina Castle was built in 1482 by the Portuguese as "Sao Jorge da Mina". It is the first major European building in tropical Africa. It was captured by the Dutch in 1637 and lost to the British in 1872. Original trade was mainly in linen, copper and brassware. The slave trade reached its zenith during the Dutch era. Elmina manifests itself as the source of the "Mina nations" of the Caribbean and South America. These were ethnic clubs that invoked ancestors, preserved the language and arts of West African slaves shipped to the New World.
From L. to R. Edwin Omaboe , Dr. Angelina Ulzen-Chela, & Dr. Thad Ulzen  of Elwin International on tour at Damang Gold mine, Oct. 2001.Safety Engineer Mr. Francis Clement on R. A trip to the gold - rich equatorial forests of the Western Region, is an integral part of the Elwin experience. A visit to the Abosso Goldfields to observe open cast gold mining and a hike in the rain forest with local hunters is a must.We haven't mentioned the super luxurious clubhouse with indoor tennis and a gym have we?
Posuban Shrine, Elmina One of the many Posuban shrines of traditional African worship abound in Elmina. A town which is overwhelmingly Methodist and Roman Catholic.This one is at Niezer's Garden. A walking tour of Elmina and its sights including the shrines, the Dutch Cemetery and the Catholic Museum make for an afternoon connecting the past with the living.
Cape Coast Castle Cape Coast Castle: The first lodge at this site was built by the Portuguese in 1555 who called the local settlement "Carbo Corso" meaning short cape. This was later corrupted to Cape Coast. The Swedes built a permanent fort in 1653 and named it Carolusburg after Charles X of Sweden. It changed hands between, the Danes, the local Fetu chief and the Dutch. Finally the English gained it and held it until the late 19th century. From this Castle, The Royal Africa Company exported about 17,000 slaves per annum to the Americas in the 1700s.After the Abolition of the Slave Trade the Anglicans established the first primary school in the Colony here. In the 1870s the West Indian Regiment(Jamaicans brought to help subdue the Ashantis) was stationed here. Their brass band music inspired local Fante musicians to create "Adaha" music, the first documented precursor of modern Ghanaian Highlife music.


Young girl dancing adowa for Ashanti king Elwin tours are timed to coincide with rich, colorful, exciting and overpowering traditional festivals. The centuries old rich heritage of art, dance and the paegentry that is modern Ghana is preserved and open to your participation.
His Majesty Opoku Ware II If you have any doubt that you are in a country once called the Gold Coast, a visit to any major Durbar of Chiefs will set your mind at ease. Pictured here is the previous Ashanti King, Otumfuo(the most powerful)Opoku Ware II carried by his courtiers during his Silver Jubilee celebrations.The present king of Ashanti is Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, a maternal nephew of his predecessor, observing the centuries old Akan matrilineal inheritance of the Golden Stool.Want to know why we are matrilineal? Ask and you will receive an answer!
Otumfuo(most powerful)Opoku Ware II with Golden Stool on his Silver Jubilee The late King, seated next to the "Golden Stool", the Soul of the Ashanti nation. It is rarely seen in public. It was displayed here on the occasion of the king's Silver Jubilee. Ashanti mythology has it that their first chief priest Okomfo Anokye received it from the sky, directly from God.
Otumfuo Osei Tutu II (centre) his wife Lady Julia (L) and Queen Beatrix of Netherlands (R) Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, King of Ashanti with his wife Julia during a visit with Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands. This occured during the Tri-cenntenial Ghana - Netherlands Celebrations in 2001.
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