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The Elwin Experience 2009
These are pictures from the collection of Damon Brooks Snr. of Birmingham, AL who was in Ghana on an Elwin Experience when President Obama arrived on his historic visit to Ghana.
The pictures illustrate the historic, ecological, cultural and educational elements of an Elwin tour of Ghana designed for African -Americans and other visitors.
Lunch time for tourists and crocodiles at Hans Botel Cottage in Cape Coast.
Nana Condua VI, Paramount Chief (King) of Elmina in his palanquin during the Bakatue festival July 2009
Courtyard of Cape Coast Castle. Elwin visitors were here a day prior to the Obama family visit in July 2009
Walking above the rtreetops of the rainforest at Kakum National Park, north of Cape Coast.
Damon Brooks Snr. an Elwin explorer, with a family close to the Slave River at Assin Manso where slaves had their last bath before being marched down to the castles on the coast.


Elmina Castle, built in 1492 by the Portuguese, later the seat of the Dutch Slave Trade from the 17th through the 19th century.
Eastern view of Elmina town from the parapet of St. George's Castle, Elmina. Java Hill is seen in the background.
Female Slave Dungeon at Cape Coast Castle
Damon Brooks peering into a slave dungeon at Elmina Castle.
Bust of W.E.B. du Bois at the center named for him in Accra, Ghana